Song writing, Performing, Recording, Rehearsing, Jamming, working in a Band, learning Classic Tracks, using Music Technology and Creating a Musical Sound track.


It is amazing what can be achieved in 5 days. They learn to take risks, are taken outside their comfort zone. They learn about Cooperation, Compromise, Perseverance and resulting in a huge sense of Achievement and Satisfaction
Students develop their musical skills in so many ways, all whilst having FUN!


These workshops explore World Rhythms, Latin, Samba, African, Caribbean and Popular Music and Song Writing. Using percussion, body rhythms, cups, dance to explore rhythms from around the world.
The students also explore song writing, creating a short piece of music in smaller groups. It is an opportunity for students to use their own instruments.


Students are guided through the process writing music in a group. Each group will perform for one another. Students are not required to be music specialists. The workshops are fast moving, hands on, interactive and above all, fun

International Schools

Hong Kong
West Island School
Sha Tin College
Island School
Bradbury School
German Swiss School
Australian International
Kennedy School
Kowloon Junior
Clearwater Bay
The Peak School

Tanglin School

MLC (Sydney)
PLC (Melbourne)
Christchurch Grammar (Perth
MLC (Perth)

MyBand Schools
UCS School, (North London)
Alleyns School (South London)
City of London For Boys

Bassistry have worked at over 200 hundred Primary and High schools in the UK.

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