What Is It!
Interactive, Energetic, Fun workshop using body rhythms,
movement, dance, learning original songs, percussion exploring drum kit and much more, to explore World and Popular Music. Bassistry covers a wide range of styles, such as Latin, African and Caribbean & Popular Music.

How it Works!
Bassistry can work with the WHOLE school over the period of 1 or 2 days. The day is broken up in to year group sessions.
The workshops content is adapted to the year group (even Nursery!).
Bassistry Music is flexible, and will cater within reason to specific school goals or themes. Our workshop leaders are highly experienced at working with all ages, and keep the kids engaged at all times.

Days: Half day, 1 to 2 days.
Time: School Hours
Space Required: School Hall or Large Music Room
Staff: 2 members of Bassistry Team
Numbers: 60 to 90 per session: 250 to 300 students in a day.
Cost: £450 per day (ex Travel). See Pricing.
Age Group: All Years

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